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We are Aya-Tech!

Our company reflex the human nature and allows us to construct a work environment based in transparency and truth. Starting from a scratch with creation to alchemy, from relationships to involvement we respect for every form of life and its natural transformations.
Our expansion is aligned with the commitment to raise awareness and provide access to those who seek new, real and accessible possibilities.
We are passionate about being innovative, sincere and effective for as many people as possible. We are made of trust and respect to nature.


Develop and sell innovative and disruptive products focused on health and wellness, responding to the needs of consumers and communities, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and generating wealth in a sustainable way.


We want to be a reference company in the development of nanotechnology products from Brazil to the World, offering innovative forms of protection and well-being with excellence, quality of life for consumers, ethical behavior, respect for the environment and appreciation of the human being.


– Technological innovation and disruption
– Quality and continuous improvement of the products
– Improvement of the services provided
– Security
– Total satisfaction of the clients
– Respect for the environment and valorization of the human being
– Transparency and ethics in our actions;
– Innovation for well being

Strategic Positioning

Vocation for taking care of people and animals is part of Aya Tech’s DNA. This is the purpose that inspires our team who work to provide health and well-being for our consumers and that permeate all of our business units, from product design, to its developing and final delivery.

We aim to be leader in this market offering best in class products compared to our competitors. Aya Tech wants to be recognized by community and consumers as one of most innovative companies with breakthrough products.

Year after year, we have the goal to deliver product excellence, quality and safety combined with innovation providing health and wellness for our consumers.

Aya Tech Culture

The culture of innovation is constantly stimulated and brings together all the elements that are essential to deliver best in creative and innovative results for industry, along with a productive and career-friendly environment for employees and strategic partners.

Leadership and entrepreneurship are the essence of what we do. We are diversified and inclusive, engaged and enthusiastic, driven by our ambition to achieve business excellence and total customer satisfaction always being aware of the importance of respecting the life of the planet.

Innovation is part of the business strategy. Our management is highly specialized, mainly in the area of ​​Research and Development (R & D), composed by researchers and specialists with passages in the main national and international research centers.

This segment is a source that generates products and research with nanotechnology, recognized for its technical and behavioral leadership, for its entrepreneurial spirit and for its diversity of experiments with advanced materials, surface treatment, organic and inorganic chemistry, fluids, process technology.

In addition to this we work developing new applications and products according requests from the market and from our customers. This challenge inspire us!

Company’s innovation teams work closely with representatives of leading academic institutions in Brazil and countries such as France, Japan, the United States, and others.

Aya Tech has its own identity, true, social impact and always being human.

Business Units

Aya Tech has specific business units to serve different market demands.

With a balanced portfolio of products for comfort, quality and well-being of society, we stand out in the use of nanotechnology to develop our products.

Always close of our clients, we invest heavily and continuously in research and development of innovative technologies for the needs of each segment in which we operate:

  • Agribusiness

  • Construction

  • Cosmetics and Fragrance

  • Energy

  • Hygiene

  • Hospital

  • Hospitality

  • Textile

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