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The application in electrostatic spraying method brings the innovation and the most modern worldwide technology for the application of substances to surfaces and fabrics. It provides an easier, more efficient and even longer lasting effect.

This type of application is based on electrically charging the nanoparticles , what let them reach 100% of the surface so when applied in fabrics allows the penetration of the product even more deeply into the textile fibers.

The Protec, Microbac and Flame free concentrates or any of them combined can be applied through electrostatic application, thus giving the fabrics or surfaces the properties of the concentrates applied.

This is a practical and easy solution for applying concentrates in ready-made clothes, auditoriums, theaters, textiles in cupboards, offices, sofas and curtains, protecting the locations, fabrics and surfaces with the features and benefits offered by each concentrate.

The electrostatic method drives better results for the nanoparticles in the Aya Tech concentrates, fixing them deeper on surfaces and fabrics, providing a greater longevity for the applied treatment.

Advanced technology in pest control, diseases prevention and sanitization.

The application through electrostatic spraying uses the most innovative and last-generation technology in application of substances to surfaces and fabrics. It provides optimal results in an easier, more efficient way and even longer lasting effect.

Technical Information

In electrostatic application, nanoparticles are electrically charged and attracted to fabrics and surfaces, as described by the second basic law of electrostatics  (the charge of a charged body or cloud of charged particles will induce an equal and opposite electrical charge on some other grounded conductive body thus forming flow lines, similar to the lines of the poles of a magnet).

The force of attraction of a charged particle to the surface or fabric is composed of two parts:

the first is due to the attraction action created by the electrostatic field of the particle itself in relation to its approximation of the surface or fabric;

the second part is the action of the electrostatic field forces and the particle cloud created by the spray nozzle.

Once the electric fields are directed to the fabric or surface, the droplets will be projected to them.

  • Electrostatic spraying is an innovative alternative to reduce losses in the application, losses to the floor may be up to 20 times smaller than in a conventional spray.

  • Dozens of articles published abroad on the use of electrostatic charged drops prove this method to have the greatest efficiency in the application of products.

  • Increased application efficiency leads to a greater fixation of the product on fabrics and surfaces.

  • Electrostatic application helps reduce application waste.

  • The efficiency of electrostatic spraying is directly related to the process used to electrify the drops, which, being efficient, produces a safe and efficient application.

  • Can be applied anywhere on any type of surface and fabric, our electrostatic spraying device is portable.

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